You don’t need a big, well known speaker to inspire and create a memorable event. If you are looking for someone that can engage with your guests, than you have come to the right place as we’ve put together some ideas of speakers we would highly recommend.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood MC, former Colour Sergeant, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, was awarded the Military Cross, one of Britain’s highest awards for gallantry in combat, by the Queen, following his courageous leadership under enemy fire in Iraq. Brian is an inspirational public speaker, delivering compelling sessions on leadership and grit, releasing his first book “Double Crossed” this year.

Freddie Harrel

French blogger and entrepreneur, Freddie Harrel is a burst of energy hosting various talks, public and corporate workshops around style and confidence, to empower women to embrace a deeper self-exploration of the hundreds of personalities that make them, to finally come out as their true-self.

Marc Woods

As a keen teenage swimmer Marc was distraught to be diagnosed with cancer. He lost his lower leg, but within months he was swimming faster than before. He went on to win four golds over five Paralympics. Marc has now published “Beyond The Call”, exploring how fairness, trust, empowerment and self-sacrifice all combine to produce extra, ‘discretionary’ effort.