Team building is having a real revival these days, long gone are those awkward trust exercises or being asked to build something from paper and toilet rolls that is then meant to be able to hold a computer. Here at Story, we are partial to a collection of mini activities that guests can choose from to relax, entertain or engage them, so we’ve put together some ideas.

Mini mindful breaks

We all know that mindfulness and wellness is a big topic of conversation at the moment and rightly so. Therefore, we think it’s a great idea to feed this into your events with mini breakout sessions focusing on different areas such as; meditation, yoga, massages and 1:1 conversations with experts. As it’s known, if you look after your employees, they will look after your business.

Being one with nature

With technology and social media being a big part of our everyday, getting guests to step away from their devices, switch off and engage with nature is a great way to help them re-focus. Activities such as guided walks by Vespucci or foraging for truffle or mushrooms will get guests working together in an informal atmosphere and help build relationships.

Art workshops

Re-engage with your creative mindset with mini art workshop classes from painting to pottery, there are many different mediums that guests can take part which will get their imagination running wild. Creative arts has been proven to relive stress, expand the way you think, boost self-esteem, and provides a sense of accomplishment.