Whether you are hosting a product launch event for internal staff members, consumers, media or influencers, it is important to consider three key components for a successful event that creates hype, excitement and of course sales. The more prepared you are logistically and creatively, the more likely you are to capture people’s attention. Here are our top tips:

Date, Day and Timing

Okay, so this is kind of a three in one top tip for you but the pretty much go hand in hand with each other. It is important to consider the date of your event to ensure this does not clash with any major holidays or larger events that may be happening at the time which could see your guest numbers dwindle.

The day of the event is a HUGE factor as well, but of course budget and availability can play a part here. Mondays can be tricky as they are precious early days of the week, and similarly Fridays often struggle with take up as guests may want to get going with their weekend! We would suggest mid-week as having the best attendance, Wednesday or Thursdays as the most popular event days.

Finally, you can’t forget the timings of the event. Now, depending on what vibes you are going for, breakfast or evenings are good times to catch guests going either to or from work, but make sure you aren’t starting your event too late in the day or evening because you will miss your catchment window.

Location & Venue

Location is key to getting guests to attend your launch, you need to make sure it is somewhere Central with easy access to transport so that guests can pop in and pop out quickly and efficiently. A venue that is simple to find will definitely ensure guests turn up on time!

Once you have figured out the best location for your event, next comes the venue hunting! Yes, your event needs to focus on your product but an impressive venue will definitely add to the WOW factor and the act as a massive draw for guests as well, especially if it is a new opening to London.

Theming & Entertainment

Choosing a theme for your product launch shouldn’t be too much trouble as the product itself should be able to help guide you to the most suitable idea. Alongside the theme, it is important to think about entertainment for your guests that doesn’t distract from why they are there, this will definitely make it more memorable (everyone loves an Instagram moment). So whether it is a branded photo booth or a mix and mingle artist e.g. silhouette artist, guests will enjoy the interactive elements.