Every year we hold a company offsite, which places emphasis on wellbeing and helps bring us closer together as a team. The theme of this year’s offsite was ‘Sustainability from within’ and how small changes we can make at home and in the office can make a huge difference…

Our little break started by receiving sustainable lunchboxes, a perfect way to encourage us to bring in our own lunches (and save some money!). This year we are really focusing on sustainability, and how we can adopt changes within the office environment. We all pitched some free ideas that we could start implementing in the office. As a result, we decided on the below:

Meet Free Mondays – encouraging people to not eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of the planet!

Temperature Tuesdays – not using any heating/cooling units on a Tuesday to help lower our carbon footprint.

Watered Wednesdays – dedicated to our office plants, this is the day to keep them hydrated and remember the importance and benefits of plants in the office.

Thirsty Thursdays – no single use plastic or take away coffee cups in the office, only reusable cups and bottles (although this is something which we are all trying to take on, seven days a week!).

Fashion Fridays – Introducing a clothes swap in the office to reduce the impact of fast fashion.


For more ideas on how to bring sustainability to your events or if you are looking for your next company offsite, find out what we do here.