With much of the world now turning its attention to sustainability, we have taken a look at two event venues that are leading the way to a ‘greener’ future.

The Crystal

The Crystal is an all-electric building that uses solar power and a ground source heat pump to generate its own energy. The building incorporates rainwater harvesting and solar heating, meaning that 100% of WC flushes use recycled water, it also means the annual heating bill is £0. With 14 flexible event spaces to choose from including an auditorium, The Crystal is the perfect place to hold your next sustainable event.

The Barbican

Home to two art galleries, two theatres, three cinemas, a concert hall and the iconic tropical conservatory, you can understand why The Barbican is one of the world’s leading arts centres. The waste previously sent to landfill now goes to energy from a waste plant. They have installed electric car charging points in the car park (very forward thinking), and the Barbican Centre has switched to using 100% renewable electricity. They also have their Staff Sustainability Action Group and competitions to engage employees on sustainability issues for the venue – who doesn’t love a competition!


These are just two examples of venues in London that are doing their bit, however there are so many out there! Get in touch with the team today to speak to someone about hosting a sustainable event.