Each event has its own difficulties. In anticipation for the most wonderful – but busiest – time of year we’re sharing some of the most common mistakes people make. Prepare for your best Christmas party yet by avoiding these classic event faux pas…

Dangerous DJs

Don’t go off-piste with your playlist!

Each Christmas party has a unique undertone. This can be reflected in props, theming, staff styling and the music. It is tempting to include the eclectic tastes of everyone in the room. However, this can lead to a disjointed atmosphere. Consider the overall theming and music genres that will be best suited. Thus, setting the scene and naturally building towards the peak of your Christmas party. Giving your DJ a clear brief not only avoids an empty dancefloor but ensures smooth-running festivities.

Ps. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few classics to really get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Inside Space

London is home to a multitude of venues with rooftops or outdoor space. It’s fantastic to be able to view London’s glittering Christmas lights during your festive party. However, keep in mind the comfort of your guests. During the Christmas party season it’s easy to be caught in terrible weather. Don’t let this frame your event. Look for a venue that has ample inside space to accompany any terrace or rooftop. The Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Café Royal is an ideal example of this, plenty of indoor space but also a covered terrace to take in the views of London.

Mulling over menus

It is a fact universally know that catering is king – especially at Christmas time! Following the venue it tends to be the next decision on our client’s list. It ties the entire event together and can make or break the evening. Therefore, when choosing Christmas party menus it is vital to consider the classics and seasonal options. Although it isn’t necessary to make this a focal feature, it is worthwhile to incorporate a few nostalgic choices. Whether that’s mulled wine, pigs in blankets or Christmas pudding. Moving Venue is fantastic at providing phenomenal and varied menus.

Terrible Traffic

London at Christmas is synonymous with fabulous shopping, hot chocolates and of course the Christmas party. We all know that sinking feeling after looking at our phones and the surcharge is x5.0. This is a key element that people forget when booking suppliers or sending out invites. Putting this front of mind avoids disappointment and a low turnout to your Christmas party. Peak seasons are particularly renowned for drawing in crowds and consequently traffic. The Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to bring together the most, especially in London, so don’t let terrible traffic haunt your experience.

Community Christmas

Whilst Christmas has religious connotations, the Christmas party is a staple celebrated by many companies. Its commercial appeal means many businesses have built traditions over the years. For senior management, it’s an opportunity to be thankful and appreciate the last year’s hard work. However, it’s also a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company outside of the workplace. Ultimately, the aim of a Christmas party is to draw a community together. Don’t lose this sentiment at the heart of your event. This allows everyone, regardless of background, to feel like part of the team.

If you haven’t already booked your Christmas event, or are already looking ahead to your 2020 event calendar, get in touch with the team today and send your event brief.