We can always rely on London’s flagship stores to remind us that Christmas is around the corner and their 2019 winter spectacles may have just outdone the past! Their winter displays not only create the most Instagram worthy pictures but give us the excuse to get a head start on this year’s Christmas shopping. Here’s a round-up of our top 5…


Selfridges didn’t hold back on being the first department store to unveil their festive fun this year. Shop fronts in London, Birmingham and Manchester have all adopted a ‘A Christmas For Modern Times’ display, bringing a ‘future fantasy’ to life through various classic fairy-tales. Each window gives fairy-tales including Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk a modern twist. With the aim to highlight that whilst our world is constantly advancing, Christmas will always remain the same traditional comfort. The contemporary shades of silver, white and blue combine a futuristic yet icy winter theme, with sustainability most definitely not being forgotten about in the process! Many of the baubles have been re-used from previous displays and the confetti used in the snow globes is biodegradable, giving the display even more reason to be celebrated.

Harvey Nichols

This year, Harvey Nichols’ exterior walls mirror a ‘Scandinavian-inspired’ scene, showcased through animations of the stunning Northern lights. The festive green and purple colour scheme is complimented by forest-like features, including Christmas garlands and cedar slat panels. Mannequins are integrated into the cosy setting, modelling Harvey Nichols’ Christmas collection. The ambition of the display was to capture a series of contrasting vibes including cold and warmth and lightness and darkness. The excitement continues on the fifth floor, which has been transformed into ‘The Secret Forest’ for customers to enjoy Scandinavian-style treats, Christmas films and Saturday School workshops.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason’s festive window is hosted by number of feline helpers, referring back to the brand’s history where cats featured in their 1958 Christmas campaign. The quirky characters are dressed in red jackets and are undergoing the artisanal preparations ready for the indulgent season. The backdrop is made up of golden pipes and wheels and traditional machinery, creating 8 moving displays including a champagne filling station, mince pie assembly lines and a gift-wrapping workshop!


Harrod’s iconic windows are bringing the joyful period to life through the use of animals to create ‘The Kingdom of Christmas’. Festive creatures include brown bears and snow leopards, not forgetting a slightly bizarre zebra added into the mix! The animals are present to symbolise the wonders of childhood Christmas, inspired by “fantasy worlds dreamt up by children’s writers…particularly the use of animals as figures of magic and escapism”. The brands displayed within the window contributed to the choice of animal as they serve to reflect their heritage and design. ‘Gift-giving’ is another concept represented as the windows are tastefully decorated with red gift boxes and luxurious ribbons, scattered across the snowy landscape.

Liberty London

Liberty London’s Christmas window will whisk passers-by to a gift-filled utopia, made up of opulent teal and pink velvets and embellished with majestic jewels and crystals. The window’s features, including exotic animal sculptures, fruits and bonsai trees are inspired by Liberty’s Christmas print ‘Jeweltopia’, paying credit to Liberty’s heritage of voyage and discovery. Inside, the shop’s atrium is home to ‘The Tree of Liberty’, a blue and pink bonsai tree installation, incorporating a more traditional Christmas element.