You’re only as good as your suppliers! Story would not be able to deliver the events we do without our trustworthy suppliers and friends. Every event is different and requires expertise that only our suppliers can provide. You can trust the Story Team when it comes to selecting the right suppliers for your event.

Throughout 2019 we’ve discovered a number of new, exciting suppliers to help us with our on-going enquiries. Find out and see who has given us an extra  hand and more importantly helped us create such unique events…

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy is an award wining fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle illustrator based in the UK. Miss Magpie also known as Nikki Groom uses a mixture of watercolour paints, marker pens, ink and fine liners to produce her colourful illustrations. Miss Magpie can also create a bespoke illustrations in just under 10 minutes including your chosen logo and graphics – a great way to create brand awareness for your event! If you’re also looking for a unique way to customise your event, Miss Magpie is perfect and can generate large scale designs live to your guests throughout their event experience.

Pearl and Groove

Pearl and Groove produce an array of delicious desserts including amazing gluten free and vegan options! Peral & Groove began in 2013 and was influenced to encourage people to have a healthy relationship with food and showcase different ways your guests can enjoy their favourite treats. If you’re looking to make your events more fun and interactive Pearl and Groove can provide a choice of workshops and classes that your guest can get involved with. They have everything from cake decorating, flower arranging and even a wreath workshop to kick off the festive season.

Cuddle Club

The Cuddle Club was created to reduce anxiety and help people struggling with mental health. Aneka believed that through the unconditional love and energy she received from her puppy Chubbs gave her the motivation to get better. After a long struggle with anxiety Aneka was determined to turn things around. Through the new focus for Chubbs and witnessing amazing health benefits inspired her to launch The Cuddle Club and share the healing effect dogs can give to humans. Companies have the opportunity to join The Cuddle Club and receive cuddles within the workplace. It has been proven by giving attention to dogs lowers blood pressure and heart rate, creating wellbeing at its cutest. The Cuddle Club was also chosen to represent a special area at London Summer Event Show through our #StoryGivesBack initiative. This was launched recently to give back to the industry we love so much and know so well and to help, promote small or new event suppliers to the events market.

Fluffy Puffin

Fluffy Puffin can bring an amazing ice-cream experience to your event! They produce all their ice cream and sorbet flavours in house which can be tailored to your specific tastes. One of their fun facts is that none of their ice cream contains any artificial stabilisers, preservatives, colourings or flavourings – perfect for everyone to have a taste. Fluffy Puffin also provides a bespoke service giving you the opportunity to experience a customised service; completely tailored to your guests.

If you’re looking for help with your next event, contact the Story Events team today. For more information about our amazing suppliers see our blogs or e-mail [email protected]