The Story office is a hive of activity on a Monday morning. There’s a buzz of excitement as the call for the first round of tea or coffee makes its way to each pod. Much like many offices around the country, the teams will often take the time to catch up on their weekend activities, sharing new experiences or insights. This burst of energy and interaction always puts us in a great mind-set. Allowing us to put our best foot forward before we move into the week ahead.

It’s safe to say, there’s been a number of changes to our daily routines. However, even during these challenging times the Story team are taking the time to inject positivity into the day to day.

We wanted to use this opportunity for you to get to know our team a little better, but also introduce our favourite ways to embrace the new normal…

What is your favourite book/best recent read that you would recommend to others?  

Dani: I’ve recently re-read my childhood favourite trilogy Lionboy by Zizou Corder which is full escapism. The Cows by Dawn O’Porter is another great read – it follows the lives of three women living in the modern world of social media.

Caley: Most recent book I have read is Cilkas Journey by Heather Morris. It is a very sad story but it puts your own life into perspective.

Chloe M: Look What You Made Me Do by Helen Walmsley-Johnson, it’s a book I recently read not the most positive but a great read! It’s about a women being emotionally abused by her husband & how she finds the strength to break free & start a new life.

Lulu: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Lauren: I Am Pilgrim. It’s the greatest book I’ve ever read and have now made my way through my copy three times. It’s a good weighty book, has more twists and turns than the Amazon river and is non stop – you just have to keep reading! For anyone who loves crime/thriller books, I would highly recommend. I’ve bought a copy for most of my family!

Chloe E: Oooh there are so many fantastic books. A fiction read I’d recommend is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, it’s a winding storyline with plenty of unbelievable twists and turns to keep you entertained. A non-fiction book I’d urge people to pick up is This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. It’s basically a hilarious, heartbreaking love letter to the NHS via the diary of a doctor.

Is there a TV series that is currently bringing you joy? 

Chloe M: So grateful for Netflix! I recently finished YOU which is terribly disturbing but such a great series. Friends, it never stops making me laugh and Glee if you need a sing-along and missing the theatre.

Lauren: Bake Off. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-watching all of the series, it also adds a little something extra when you bake along to it!

Lulu: Currently my two Netflix binge watch series are Sex Education and You

Dani: At this time, I’m really enjoying light-hearted shows that I can turn my attention to and switch real life off for a while. Top of my list currently is Brooklyn Nine Nine – it never fails to make me laugh!

Chloe E: The Good Place! It’s a somewhat dystopian concept that explores what happens when mistaken identity means someone accidentally gets sent to heaven instead of hell. There’s a heavy dose of tongue in cheek humour, overarching questions about the bizarre world we live in and Ted Danson. Need I say more?

Caley: Thoroughly enjoying Netflix at the moment; Working Moms, Good girls (for a little light hearted relief) and YOU if you want to be totally addicted.

Share a link to a delicious recipe that you’ve made whilst social distancing  

Lulu: With Easter around the corner it’s got to be these Hot Cross Buns or if you really treat yourself try some salted caramel brownies.

Caley: This baked cauliflower recipe is so delicious! I recommend adding in some crispy kale or spinach as well to give it a bit more flavour.

Chloe E: I’ve got such a sweet tooth, so it has to be this delicious tiffin! Plus note; this is a no-bake recipe that can easily be done with kids or altered for dietaries as it doesn’t include any eggs.

Dani: One of my favourites is a lentil bolognese by the Food Medic and Deliciously Ella, or any Lucy Watson recipe usually does the trick!

Chloe M:This creamy pasta with crispy mushrooms is tasty and ideal comfort food! I can’t have dairy so I used plant based cream instead of the heavy cream and vegan cheese!

Lauren: I’ve spent the last few weeks baking and baking and have been adapting recipes from the ridiculous amount of recipe books I have at home. However, the one that has stuck and I’ve re-made is coffee and walnut cake.

Do you have an online exercise that you’ve discovered whilst social distancing?

Caley: Rebounding! I bought my trampoline from Amazon and cannot wait for the fun. Basically get to be a child at home.

Dani: I don’t so much enjoy online classes, but I follow a few wonderful pages on Instagram that give me the motivation to encourage movement into my day. A really great one is Chessie King. I’ve even been inspired to start jogging (obviously maintaining social distancing at all times)!

Chloe E: Online yoga & dance classes are keeping my spirits up. Plenty of these are free on Instagram live which are great initiatives.

Lulu: Not a physical exercise but Lumosity is a brilliant brain-training app to help keep your mind focused.

Lauren: It’s not online, but a friendship group I have all get online and do a 30 minute dance session. Each day, someone else leads the playlist and we dance away the day!

Chloe M: HITT Classes on Instagram, if you’re looking to sweat last night’s pizza and wine I would start following Barry’s Bootcamp, Courtney Black, Alexandra’s Happy Body & RWL. They have weekly classes scheduled through the day – great break from the laptop and to get you moving!

What new skill/project are you planning to undertake whilst on lockdown?  

Lauren: I’ve been trying to learn Italian for a number of years but always find there’s “too much going on”, so I’m planning to dedicate some time to finally learning! Other than that, it’s perfecting my bake’s, ready for the return of the Bake Off in 2021!

Chloe E: I am hoping to have a handstand nailed soon! I have also taken to unpacking old family photos and popping them into scrap books for everyone to enjoy.

Dani: ​I’m planning to take my time to really get to know the industry better, find some exciting new suppliers and concepts that we can start incorporating into our events in future. I’m also super keen to try and relearn Spanish, something I studied for years and got out of the habit of…we’ll see!

Chloe M: Excel Spreadsheets – learning formulas and practising budgets for events that are more complex. Something less work related I am going for a run every morning to see if I can do a half marathon next year – eek!

Lulu: I’m going to become a yoga expert, this YouTube channel is excellent:Yoga With Adriene

Caley: Knitting! I’ll be making blankets and oversized cardigans before you know it.

If you are sitting at home and fancy a chat, our team would love for you to be in touch. Please feel free to reach out via phone, 02078709303, or e-mail [email protected]