What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is so much more than a live streamed event. A true hybrid event brings online audiences into an event experience by utilising technology. This means a worldwide virtual audience can participate in real time, alongside guests attending in person. You can achieve this with Q&A sessions, quizzes, live polling, engage with fellow attendees, host virtual face-to-face meetings and interact with speakers.

Why are they important?

With the events industry being turned on its head, like many other industries, we need to think outside the box. So how do we grow and develop with the new times? Live streamed events definitely have a place in bringing people together. However, they could offer so much more. Addressing how we can reach a wider audience, improve the ever-pressured ROI and give organisations access to valued data which otherwise wouldn’t exist. All while reducing risk when planning and improving our green footprint. Quite a mountain to climb!

Let’s expand on this…

Further Reach – Due to financial restrictions and/or diary conflicts not everyone in your target audience will be able to attend your event. Hosting a hybrid event means you are removing these barriers and expanding your reach worldwide.

Enhanced ROI – Should someone not be able to or want to attend your event in-person then they have the flexibility of logging on, but for a discounted fee. In turn this will boost your event ROI, as recorded keynotes or round-table discussions provide you with the perfect promotional content, potentially lowering your marketing costs.

Better Data – Finally, it goes without saying that it’s much easier to monitor event engagement via virtual events because every click is automatically logged. Such information is so valuable when evaluating and developing the event for the future.

An example of an effective tool available to deliver a hybrid event is webcasting. A webcast offers a live broadcast of your physical event via video and audio through the internet. This then allows you to make your event viewable worldwide and expand your reach. Once your event has concluded, the hybrid content allows you to maintain the connection with your audience. This can be simply achieved by sharing content on-demand, calls to action or follow ups.

Now we wanted to highlight two amazing hybrid events Story loves….

EVOLVE: The Virtual Event for Planners

EVOLVE took place over three days this week and had the overall goal of successfully preparing the industry for future challenges:

1.How to adapt in the times of a crisis

2. How to find good opportunities for growth and change

3. How to transition to virtual and hybrid events

4. The future of the events industry

The three days included live seminars and keynotes from top industry leaders with Q&As, online round-tables, targeted meetings, AI powered matchmaking, plus the opportunity for the virtual audience to review the attendee list and schedule “face-to-face” calls. Networking is still such a key function for corporate events. This hybrid platform allowed relationships to be forged without anyone having to physically meet.

The Big Book Weekend

The Big Book weekend was a festival hoping to encourage people from all backgrounds to come together for the love of books. The three-day virtual festival was co-founded by authors Molly Flatt and Kit de Waal. With support from the BBC and Arts Council England the festival was hosted by startup MyVLF. Attendees could interact with an immersive 2D experience, designed to give them the feeling of being part of a real-life British Literary Festival. This included panel discussions, interviews, ‘in-conversation’ round-tables, performances, and interactive sessions from some of the most famous names in books, plus unknown debut authors and rising talent.

Although the Big Book Weekend live event has concluded interviews and sessions are still available. Simply register at MyVLF.com and you’ll have ongoing access to all events and areas!

Hybrid events aren’t a new concept, but with today’s climate they will be more important than ever! Should you be looking to take your event online then contact us on [email protected] and we can help explore online options and develop your idea into a virtual victory.