With life being turned on its head, we’ve all had the chance to explore the huge wave of new online platforms. This has no doubt led to video conference fatigue, but a number of our innovative entertainment suppliers have jumped this hurdle with ease by thinking outside the virtual event box…

If you are looking to host a company-wide social event or organise team building afternoon, then we at Story wanted to highlight some amazing acts that will transform your virtual experience beyond the everyday Zoom meeting. Although we are apart, let’s bring everyone together and have some fun!

Which style of act can translate from physical to virtual without impacting the outcome? Magic. Fergus Flanigan has been performing digital shows weekly, ranging from 1:1 with a single household, to 300+ company employees. The show can run for 25-30 minutes, is fast paced and extremely interactive!

Want something interactive and to be able to enjoy the end product? Jimmy Garcia Catering have gone back to their roots due to Covid-19 and have some amazing hamper offerings, which can be delivered straight to your door. Get your company together to have a food and drink extravaganza which can frame your entertainment for the evening. Why not get Jimmy to host a fun and personalised cocktail / mocktail masterclass for your attendees? Or even present a cook off! Each guest would receive a box with delicious ingredients and detailed instructions. Jimmy can then deliver your very own virtual masterclass as a company wide experience.

SongDivision have organised and run virtual sessions for various global organisations over the years. Such expertise is valued more now than ever, as companies need new and effective ways to connect their teams remotely. Team engagement is at the heart of SongDivision. They tap into skills such as collaboration through song-writing and presentation through performance. Ultimately, they understand the power of music to “inspire creativity, strengthen connections, empower teams, and build a deeply unified corporate culture”.

Finally, it’s time to all hold our hands up and say we are a little quizzed out! So why not try a murder mystery? Create bespoke scripts, cutting edge performances and unforgettable experiences. These online events are interactive and include comedy encounters with various levels of participation for guests. Definitely one not to be missed!

If you are looking to host a virtual summer party or unite your team company as a whole, then do get in touch with us at [email protected] or on 0207 870 9303.

We have some incredible suppliers who are expanding the potential of events in the virtual world. So whilst we can’t physically be together just yet, let’s continue to connect remotely by making positive memories and building even stronger bonds through these challenging times.