Zoom fatigue. We have all heard of it by now and no doubt we have all experienced it. It is one of the main challenges our clients face when discussing their virtual event briefs. How do we make sure that people are engaged and feel a different experience to their usual calls and meetings? Well, we at Story always say, if you have a fun and captivating activity then attendees will feel enthusiastic and engrossed. This was shown to be exactly the case for a Virtual Wine Tasting evening Story held with the brilliant Tom Surgey.

Tom is a dynamic and upbeat live presenter. He has a natural knack for communicating ​to audiences of varying demographics and knowledge bases. His passionate approach to drink (and food!) is bright, playful and charismatic – and always delivered with a sense of humour!

Tom’s body of work is extensive: he is one of the Three Wine Men, lead presenter for the Pingza wine app, co-founder of Battle Of The Bottles, and a BBC Sussex wine expert. Plus having recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning to present wines paired with dishes by José Pizarro, Aldo Zilli and Jean-Chrisophe Novelli, we knew we were in very safe hands.

The virtual wine tasting logistics were arranged, meaning each attendee had the three tasting wines delivered to their door ahead of the event. Guests were then treated to an hour of wine tasting and sharing. We discussed food pairings, recommendations and much more!

A bottle of the Xandadu, Exmoor Chardonnay, Margaret River, Australia kicked things off. This phenomenal, medium-bodied Chardonnay was a total hit with the virtual guests. Next saw a bottle of Journey’s End ‘Wild Child’ Rosé, Stellenbosch, South Africa. This well made, juicy rosé got everyone excited for the summer months. And finally, the Catena Appelation Vista Flores Malbec, Argentina finished things off perfectly. A classic, brooding Malbec.

Tom rounded up the event with an open Q&A, allowing the guests to tap into his infectious energy one last time. For example, if you don’t know about orange wine, then we suggest you get to know!

If you are interested in organising a wine tasting get in touch today by email or calling us on 0207 870 9303.