As the world is beginning to open up, the talks of going back to the office are ramping up, many are excited. The buzz of the office back in full swing. This offers the perfect opportunity to organise a return to the office party. So we at Story wanted to give some ideas of ways to elevate your office party experience.


Whatever space you are working with, there is always an opportunity for a theme. The theme sets the tone and offers so much opportunity to connect the catering, entertainment etc. Sometimes it’s the smaller details that make your event and capture attention. So why not add some fun decoration and smaller touches to your event to make sure it is one your teams never forget.


Just becuase you are in the office doesn’t mean the food shouldn’t be amazing. At Story we pride ourselves on following the latest food trends, working with some incredible creative suppliers to bring your event to life. Book mixologists to create your very own themed cocktails. Street food is a great option for office parties, self contained cooking station remove issues with limited back of house space plus creates themed focal points. Interactive dessert stations are a fantastic option to hit that sweet spot.


Roaming acts are a brilliant way to further immerse your guests into your chosen theme. Consider a glitter artist such as Poppy and Pearl, or a magician entertaining with their close up tricks, perhaps a roaming jazz band. The options are endless. At any event a Photo Booth is always such a hit, this year opt for an immersive photo scene or GIF Photo Booth. They are the next level up and create the perfect entertainment centrepiece. Add in some games, hook the duck, ball in the bucket, giant jenga; everyone loves the nostalgia!

If you would like to speak to a member of the team on how we can help with your office party, get in touch today by email or calling us on 0207 870 9303.