Following the disappointing but understandable loss of the second half of the Christmas party season for some of our clients, it’s great to have increasing confidence that the summer event season is now very likely to be a bumper period for live events.

It may be a couple of weeks before we get the full confidence in the current trends with this latest (and hopefully last!) wave, but all the experts are pointing to an end to the restrictions and challenges that have dominated our news and industry over the past 22 months.

Our current sense is that there will be a gradual return to live events over March and April, possibly starting with smaller meetings and get-togethers, followed by a more confident and full return to live from May onwards.

Here at Story, we are busy working (from home!) on a number of exciting summer event briefs, with so many companies seeing the summer season as a long-awaited opportunity to get together, both socially and for business, after such a long period of virtual parties and conferences.

Our favourite summer venue partners are already reporting high demand for the best June and July dates, so please do get in touch soon if you would like us to present some great ideas for summer parties, awards, festivals and conferences.