Teambuilding has reached a new level of creativity! We have reached out to one of our favourite suppliers, Team Challenge, to discuss one of their most popular activities.


What is The Big Picture and how does it work?

Teams are brought together through the creation of a giant multi-canvas artwork. Everyone’s contribution is discovered during an exciting final reveal. Working with our team before the event we will help design a masterpiece that reflects your organisation’s brand and the key values you’d like to communicate. This design is then broken down into individual instructions for each team to interpret into their mini-painting. What seems straightforward requires a great deal of teamwork. Communication is the key for teams to uncover how to collaborate on colours, brushstrokes, and continuity with others working on their tasks. Once the time is up, your teams move to another area while the big picture is assembled undercover and made ready for the big reveal. The big picture lives on as a reminder of everyone’s contribution and can be kept as a social memento of the experience.


What are some of the best Big Picture projects you have worked on?

We have worked on various Big Picture projects throughout the UK, with our smallest being for 20 people, and our largest for a group of 1500. These pieces of artwork vary in style and theme, but all embody the companies most important elements and focusses, with paintings hanging in offices throughout the UK and internationally.


Where are you based? Can you do events locally and internationally?

Team Challenge Company are based in the UK, but Catalyst Global partners offer this product worldwide.


What type of events would be great for the Big Picture?

Big Picture is great for Team Away days and conferences, however we offer a bespoke service and can tailor the experience to suit any event.


If this is something you are interested in for your next Team Building event, get in touch with us today!


*Big Picture is a Catalyst Global Product, exclusively provided by Team Challenge Company here in the UK


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