Cathy is our super organised, friendly and hard-working intern who loves working within the events industry. She always brings a smile to the office and loves putting together super creative proposals.  As girly as she is she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and is always looking for an adventure.

What is your favourite event you have worked on?

Favourite event so far to work on was Ascot. The week was very full on but extremely rewarding to complete!

What is your top tip for surviving the events industry?

A good sense of humour!

What is your proudest event moment?

Getting the opportunity to work with Story Events!! Was a very exciting phone call.

Your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Either walking my beautiful cockapoo, shopping, eating or you can find me on the river enjoying my second passion of rowing!

You must always have faith in people but most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself

A good sense of humour is key!