Lauren is our new Head of Events here at Story. Bringing a strong background and knowledge of the world of International conference and events to the team, she’s looking forward to getting the tube to our events instead of a 10 hour flight! Lauren loves nothing more than a team who pull together, support each other but mainly have a great time doing it!

Best Event

Launching a new event in Atlanta in 2016. It came with huge expectations for both the event and myself so there was quite a bit of pressure to succeed. The event was hard work and threw a number of hurdles and curveballs at us, but it was a huge success for a launch and the whole team came out the other side with smiles and great memories, which became pretty hard to beat! 

Top Tip

Trust your instinct and the team around you. A sense of humour and the ability to sleep anywhere at any time also help!

Proudest Event Moment

I have a couple that really stand out. My very first solo event, a 3 day conference that I ran at the Singapore Expo, giving me my first real taste of all of the logistics for an international event and also how to really run things solo! Recently though it’s been seeing my team – the one I’ve just left and the ops team at Story, running their own events after putting in so much hard work, time and care into what they’re doing to produce fantastic events! It’s a proud moment to see your team progress and deliver.

Favourite thing to do outside of work

Explore the world! The bug of travelling for events has stayed with me and there’s nothing better than travelling with friends, finding new hidden parts of the world. I’m also always on the hunt for the world’s best gluten free donut – which currently resides in Chicago!

“You have brains in your head. You have shoes on your feet. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Dr Seuss.


Trust your instinct and the team around you