To create an elegant and beautiful Christmas press launch for Waitrose, which encompassed their branding focusing on elements of green, white and bronze. It was important to allow the products to do the talking but to still have elements of surprise for “Instagrammable” moments.


With the event taking place at One Belgravia, Story went about transforming each of the rooms into an elegant Waitrose wonderland. As guests entered One Belgravia, a large green bow was attached to the front doors giving the impression that guests were walking into a giant present.

The first room hosted Waitrose’s gift products, which featured clusters of different height plinths showcasing different products from books, children clothes, food and drinks hampers. To give the room that extra WOW factor, we placed a number of tumbling presents falling out from the fireplace, giving the impression that Father Christmas had just tipped the presents down the chimney.

Upstairs in the main space, guests were able to explore different counters featuring the delicious Waitrose Christmas products, from multiple bronze and white plinths which showcased the desserts (allowing you to weave through the desserts), Heston’s large feast like setup to our favourite fork display of canapés.

It was key that journalists were able to identify Waitrose’s “hero” products, these were placed on custom made perspex plinths which had lights and ivy placed within them.

The final space played host to the restaurant, where guests could taste the mouth watering Christmas dinner. We turned this into a cosy and welcoming Waitrose living room with an elegant long table in the middle.


The transformation of the venue was well received by guests and journalists with the canapé display trending on Instagram.