Team Building Events – Top Tips

With so many team building ideas available to companies in London and throughout the UK, the challenge for event organisers is in choosing the right activity. Here are our top tips to help you select the right activity for your team building event in London.

Competitive or Collaborative?

The first decision you need to make is whether you choose an event that brings the whole group together with a single, collaborative goal (like The Bigger Picture and Calendar Creation), or one that has an element of competition between teams (see London Taxi Treasure Hunt and Beat the Box).

The merit of bringing all participants together to achieve a common goal is obvious as a way to encourage collaboration in the workplace and to demonstrate “the power of one”. However, an element of fun competition, with a winning team also creates a great atmosphere and can deliver key messages about competitiveness in business.

If you are choosing a team-based event, make sure the prizes are not too valuable and that you mix up the teams so that you have a good cross-section of departments and grades in each team, so that all participants will work with and get to know more people in the organisation.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Call us pessimistic but with the vagaries of the English climate, we favour team building activities in London that are not reliant on the weather for success!

This does not mean that the whole event needs to take place in a stuffy conference room, since team events like our popular London Taxi Treasure Hunt and Commercial Break, will get teams out on the streets without the event being effected by the weather.

Brawn or Brain?

The origins of company team building activities in London are to be found in many army training manuals, but you must bear in mind the varying physical abilities of your staff, before embarking on some exertive outdoor games or tasks. Bright young things fresh from university may love the idea of climbing up a giant inflatable mountain, but that may well be a hellish thought for others.

In our opinion a bit of light physical activity (as in Beat the Box or Animation Workshop) is perfect, and grabbing some fresh air in search of clues in our London Taxi Treasure Hunt offers a good balance of physical and mental activity to create a successful team building event in London.

Please see our full list of London team building activities or call our experts on 0207 870 9303 to find the perfect event for you.