The nature of the event was to a new niche exhibition focusing on the London corporate Christmas party market, bringing together exhibitors, event agencies and corporate buyers for two days. The main objective was to create an exhibition which, from a creative perspective, reinforced the exhibitors’ content and attracted and entertained the target audience. It was an important objective from the outset that the exhibition had a lighthearted, fun build-up campaign and was visually attractive.

The Twitter and digital marketing activity was fronted by Lord Crispin Prancer Snow, a fictitious reindeer and the official face of the Show. He delivered a strong fun element to the campaign, setting the scene for a show to come and even sending ‘grow a Christmas tree’ invites out. The hashtag for the event #jinglejune was launched as well as Lord Snow’s Twitter page, both of which were widely used resulting in total exposure on twitter of over 350,000 impressions.

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