One of the best ways to ensure that your event is sustainable is to find a venue that is making changes to try and reduce their waste output on the world. Being in one of the greatest and forward thinking cities in the world, London is home to a number of great event venues that are making the leap to a sustainable lifestyle. Here are just a few sustainable London venues…

The Crystal

Opened in 2012, The Crystal is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings and event venues and is the only building in the world to achieve the highest certification in both the BREEAM and LEED schemes, as well as many other accreditations (that’s pretty impressive). With specially designed technology running throughout the building this helps ensure the highest energy efficiency and CO2 standards are met but it doesn’t stop there, the building also has rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, solar heating and automated building management systems… I think you get the idea, this venue is seriously green!

The Ritz

Known for its quintessentially British, glamorous and traditional status, The Ritz has a number of event spaces to choose from – perfect for any event from private dining to large gala balls. In 2015, The Ritz made the decision to reduce their energy use by 3% every year by introducing a few initiatives such as sourcing local and fresh produce to reduce their carbon footprint and it’s very own bee hive, bees are essential to our ecosystem and for pollinating our fruit and veg. As Einstein said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live” (yikes).

Here East

Once home to the Olympics, Here East is now a repurposed event space and working community with sustainability at the fore-front of their minds. With fitted solar panels to produce renewable energy and the ability to collect rainwater on their roof – Here East really are making all the right noises when it comes to being a sustainable London venue plus they have a mass amount of space for any type of event… perfect!

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