We are excited to announce that our summer themed event extravaganza the London Summer Event Show returns on 15th – 16th March 2022 at Banking Hall after a two-year hiatus.

This year our Show theme will be ‘Summer of Synergy‘. The theme is inspired by the changes we have encountered in the past two years. As we all know, the events industry (like many others) has had a tough time. However, something that has been a shared experience is that we’ve grown closer as an industry. Not only with our clients and suppliers, but also with our competitors.

The term ‘synergy’ comes from the ancient Greek word for ‘working together’ and this year’s theme is a celebration of just that. Story wants to showcase how working together makes us all stronger. Therefore, each room at the event will represent different types of synergy (synergy of nature, synergy of music and human synergy).


The SEAnergy room will transform into an underwater world, exploring synergy within the ocean. The ocean connects us to different cultures and opportunities across the globe. It is also made up of micro-organisms that combine together to create one greater living organism.


The Harmony room represents the synergy of music. Here you will find more of our exciting exhibitors and suppliers, as well as having the chance to grab some food, relax and listen to instruments joining to create musical harmony.


Finally, guests can to escape into the Unity room, where we will be celebrating human connection. Highlighting themes such as teamwork and togetherness. In this room you will find our #StoryGivesBack winners, who are unique, small or up and coming suppliers. Also check out our workshop programme, which will take place throughout both days. Lastly, you can explore our supplier’s corner that is sponsored by The Event Suppliers Guide.

Registration is now open for the event, don’t miss out on joining us for a sizzling hot March, register via the event website today for your free ticket.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in planning a corporate Summer Party, please do call us on 0207 870 9303, get in touch for an initial conversation or leave your enquiry here. We will aim to get back to you within 48 hours and look forward to collaborating.