Story are so excited to have some new faces joining the team, so we wanted to introduce the two newest members; Cara and Sam.


I am a 90’s baby born in Hong Kong and originally from a sleepy town in Suffolk. With a passion for all things creative, constantly seeking sunshine and feeding my sweet tooth while obsessively cleaning everything in sight, I am forever labelled as ‘the Monica’ of my friends’ group.


1. What’s on my bucket list for 2022?

Number one: Take up a new hobby each month to try and find an actual hobby! Number two: travel outside of the UK at least once this year and number three: Complete a scary challenge i.e skydiving or something that gets me out of my comfort zone.

2. Why do I like working in events?

Who doesn’t love working on something creative and fun?! I love the buzz and most of all creating memories for people. It’s all about the story and bringing it to life as well as meeting new people and creating lasting relationships.

3. Where can I be found outside of work?

At a music festival (when we’re allowed), at a rugby game – although my team aren’t doing so well this season! Finding new restaurants and trying to eat my way through the whole menu and spending time finding new places in the globe to travel to.

4. Next place of travel… South Africa! Namely Cape Town and also South America (basically anything South haha!)

More commonly known as Sam or Sammy. I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have resided in London for almost 6 years. I am a lover of the ocean and will seek the nearest beach , whether it’s in Cornwall or Sandsend. I am a passionate traveler and enjoy exploring new cultures.



1. What’s on my bucket list for 2022?

Travel to 5 new countries hoping to achieve 31 countries by the age of 31!

2. Why do I like working in events?

I am a peoples’ person, a socialite, and thrive on connecting people and making things happen!

3. Where can I be found outside of work?

In summer it’ll definitely be at someone’s house having a bbq and chilling in a blow up pool, or in winter, baking delicious treats at home.

4. Next place of travel…Poland particularly Warsaw