Now we are in the swing of 2024 here at Story we wanted to reconnect with those wellness promises we made at the beginning of the year. We spoke with our friends at Be In Your Element to discuss activities they provide that can improve well-being, and how Story can feed these experiences into your overall event vision. Below are some of out top picks for health and wellness activities that you might consider incorporating into your upcoming events!

Summer Sizzle: A Creative Escape for Team Connection

If creativity is important to your company then why not feed this into the activities you offer at your company offsite? Set the tone for a sizzling summer by shaking things up with an artistic workshops that offer more than just pretty pictures. Let your team’s imagination run wild and free with workshops that spark fresh ideas and innovative solutions. From making your own summer masterpiece, learning a new ancient craft like macrame, blending the perfect citrus summer scented candle, or learning how to create and don the ultimate summer fashion from tote bag to headpieces and everything in between. These activities encourage teamwork while creating a positive and fun atmosphere. 

In addition to the above activity let Story help you find the ideal venue and create a delightful catering experience to enhance this unforgettable team-building experience.

Harmony Haven: A Holistic Retreat for Team Well-being

Imagine, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s high time to give your team’s well-being a boost! Take a break from the humdrum routine and plan a summer corporate event that’s all about balance and zen. The day would be full of mindful activities like meditation and breathwork that will calm your team’s nerves, sharpen their focus, and infuse their day with positivity. From relaxing and restorative mindful movements, to meditation to energising breathwork, flow movement and beat breathing. As your team breathes, connects, and grows together, the ripple effects will be felt for weeks to come. Embracing holistic health is the key to unlocking your team’s potential and watching them thrive in both unity and personal growth.

Story would work with your team and Be In Your Element to come up with a ‘map’ of the day which would give guests the opportunity to move between activities so they can explore multiple experiences. If desired, Story can also facilitate pre-selection of activities.

Sensational Summer Retreat: A Day of Wellness for the Senses

Wellness means something different to everyone therefore why not focus on the five senses and guests can decide which sense they want to work on in order to choose their activity. 

Picture this: a day-long retreat, custom-built to awaken every fibre of your being with the sounds of nature, the scents of essential oils, and the delicious taste of wholesome food. You and your team will dive into a range of sensory adventures, from crafting your own signature scent to learning about herbs and their amazing healing powers. Or put your senses to the test with an exciting line-up of challenges. Think blindfolded trust exercises or collaborative activities that get everyone’s senses tingling. We will work with you to find the most bespoke option for your company! The best part? These challenges will strengthen your relationships with your team, bringing you closer together than ever before. 

Story can further enhance your event by advising on suppliers, capturing the day with photographers or videographers, and adding bespoke entertainment to bring your vision to life.

A Well-being Journey in the Great Outdoors

Sustainability is a key focus for so many corporate organisations and we know our clients, and future clients, want to build on their sustainability ethos each year. So why not kick things off with an activity that invites everyone thinking about the beauty of the great outdoors?

Swap the boardroom for a nature-filled paradise where your team can unwind, recharge, and bond like never before. Breathe in the crisp forest air, and let nature boost your energy and well-being. Or elevate your happiness to new heights with a “helper’s high” by getting your hands dirty at an eco-wellness workshop led by Be In Your Element and discover ways to live a sustainable life. Or bring your team along for a community clean-up and make a meaningful impact while having a blast! Then as the day winds down, gather around a cosy bonfire for a moment of reflection. Share stories, insights, and laughter to create a sense of unity and gratitude.

Story can handle all the details, including sourcing nearby accommodation or arranging facilities for an unforgettable glamping experience if you want to keep with the theme of the great outdoors!


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