Why an Event with Story?

We can talk about our industry, our favourite suppliers and the latest venues we’ve seen until the cows come home. Organising events is our life and we love what we do. Our obsession has lead to us becoming experts within our industry. We get a real buzz from executing the perfect event and so over the years we’ve built an enviable black book of the best suppliers, what works in what venues and some pretty useful tips.

When you’re spending thousands of pounds on an event you can’t afford for there to be any mistakes so by entrusting the experts we’ll ensure that all angles are covered. We know how many staff are required for a slick service and how many could result in a slow service, we know the venues that have kitchens miles away from the dinner space and how to get round this. We see and know the potential problems and we plan well to make sure you’d never even notice it could’ve been a problem.

We all like saving money and we help our clients do just that. Over the years we have learnt what guests notice and what they don’t. We like to pass on this knowledge so that you spend money in the right places. We enjoy stretching a budget and achieving the biggest possible impact from what you spend. We will take your budget and provide the best solutions for your event and to deliver your message.