“When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to have a very patient father and a really huge garden. My dad designed treasure hunts that took us around the garden and kept us entertained for hours. The end result of ‘treasure’ was always an exciting moment. To be able to recreate that excitement now at Story is right up my street.”Sarah Kay, MD.

Treasure Hunts

At Treasure Hunters we have a range of different hunts from Black Taxi Hunts, on foot hunts and even Italian Job style hunts, in mini coopers!

Following a briefing and an initial challenge, the teams, armed with a clue book, map, video camera and their essential refreshments hamper, set off on their treasure hunt in search of the clues that will allow them to earn points and lead them to their mystery end destination.

It is up to your teams to crack riddles and rhymes and choose the destinations they wish to visit. Along the way the teams need to video a selection of fun scenes (with a bit of help from passing tourists!) and ‘Search the City’ to collect a variety of weird and wonderful items for presentation to the judges. Each treasure hunt pack is filled with questions, riddles and quizzes. Each challenge collects points for your team. Not all challenges can be completed within the time frame so it’s up to you to choose which to focus on.
Each treasure hunt team is given a pack to help them with their challenge which is filled with refreshments, equipment and a pack.

To chose the perfect hunt for you, view all the options here.

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