Calendar Creation

Calendar Creation leaves a lasting impression on teams as they set out to create a desk calendar involving the whole group.

Teams will be given a variety of different materials and costumes which they must use creatively to represent the captions chosen for photographs, to be used in a company calendar. The finished product is best designed around a company theme or around the business’ ethos or values. The group will have a set time to plan their images and take the photos.

The objective of the activity is to strengthen collaborative working and harness group mentality to produce a fun, collaborative piece of digital art, which underpins and represents the culture of the company. By creating something where all members can be involved and interact with each other on many levels, Calendar Creation not only cements relationships but also provides a lasting, practical reminder of a wonderful day, whether you choose to distribute them by department or individually.

This event can be combined with other activities including Quiz or a Treasure Hunt to create a full day team building activity.

Group size 12 – 120

Event duration 2 – 4 hours

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