As we enter another national lockdown, the health and wellbeing of employees sits at the top of the 2021 event agenda. It has certainly been a tough year for many businesses. Therefore, retail, media and wider services are striving to maintain morale and build team spirit. This means the mental health of fragmented teams across the country must take priority. 

The majority of our clients’ teams are still able to work from home successfully, but new lockdown rules will make these next two months challenging for most. Encouraging updates on the vaccines are definitely a welcome boost. However, this does not take away the real and present issues around mental health and wellbeing. In order to move forward, these need to remain in sharp focus. 

In 2020, Story were working – in collaboration with some great supplier partners – to deliver effective and engaging wellness activities for clients. The results have been bespoke event programmes which connect, re-centre, and allow colleagues to communicate beyond usual work channels. 

Some examples include live yoga sessions, mindfulness meditations as well as resilience and self-care workshops. Designed to bring teams together in our new physically distanced world, virtual comedy sets, escape rooms and craft workshops have also been a welcome break. 

Story recently developed a session on Mental Wealth for our client’s community week. Unpacking, what it is, how to manage stress, and most crucially how to boost your happiness. This received fantastic feedback from attendees and has encouraged a continuation of the programme in 2021. You can check out the case study here if you’d like to read more on this event. 

All content creation can be filmed, edited or live-streamed using our in-house Story Studio. In addition, we have our very own online registration software. We are happy to recommend and manage the best platform for your event to maximise audience retention and engagement.

Lastly, our Artisan Gifting team is on hand to create and deliver some great gift boxes in 2021. In our efforts to support small businesses and charities, all items will once again be locally sourced. Each box will contain carefully chosen wellness products and ingredients for a wide range of “making” sessions.

So, whether this is designed to deliver a stand-alone “Wellness Week” or forms part of a New Year kick-start conference or awards, we are ready, willing, and able to help your teams!

If you would like any further information about wellness activities to enhance your next virtual event, please do get in touch via email or on 0207 870 9303.