For a true festive event the 12 Days of Christmas theme was the perfect choice. The theme for the event was very festive and we took inspiration from the well known song ‘12 Days of Christmas’. For the main space we created a ‘Forest of Song’ with each day represented by a tree and decorated as such. Entertainment was provided, in line with the theme, included ‘Swans-a-Swimming’ that greeted guests on arrival alongside ‘Lords-a-Leaping’ and ‘Ladies Dancing’ who entertained guests, conducted an interactive version of the song and made announcements for dinner.

As guests were seated they noticed the themed trees to represent each day of the song. Each tree was fully themed and saw Swans, Colly Birds, French Hens, Drums, Laid eggs and so on until each tree was decorated fully. After dinner guests were treated to a themed sweet stall which had sweets from each day of the song – e.g. Drummers Drumming (Drumsticks) and Maids-a-Milking (Milk Bottles). The staff at the event were also dressed to fit the song, with each representing a day and wearing gold lettered aprons and relevant themed pins.

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