Thoughtworks wanted to host their local office day in May 2022, their first team get together since the pandemic. The event was hosted in two different locations on the same day, at the same time, in order to have as many staff as possible attend the event. The brief was to create a two-way stream from Manchester to London, deliver an activity that would get everyone involved and to find large enough venues in London for 250 guests and 100 guests in Manchester. The client already had their eye on The Science and Industry Museum in Manchester which was a great choice!


After a thorough venue search, etc Venues Fenchurch Street was chosen as the London Venue. Guests arrived at 12:00 and were welcomed by the Story Events registration team. Guests then were able to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch before sitting down for the two-way stream keynote speech from CEO Thoughtworks’ UK.

One of the key highlights from both the events in London and Manchester, was the team-building activity known as The Big Picture. The Big Picture is a creative team-building activity and staff members were asked to paint a small part of a wider, masterpiece canvas which was going to be displayed in Thoughtworks’ Manchester and Newcastle offices. It was a lovely keepsake for our client to be able to take away with them as a reminder of the event.

The day was filled with a variety of different sessions and talks with guests free to choose which talks they wanted to attend. After a wonderful afternoon the event ended at 17:30 and guests headed to their next location for drinks and more fun!


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for local office day. It was really one of the best we have ever had! It would be great to sync up on the feedback and talk about our next events!”

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