Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual events have become the foundation of day to day interaction. It has never been easier to connect with a colleague or communicate internationally and Story have explored technology’s full potential. We know everything there is to know about creative, interactive and integrated platforms to best suit your needs; so with online meetings and webinars filling the diaries, our aim is to deliver your event goals in an engaging, inspiring and genuine way.

We offer the option to build a completely bespoke virtual event to match your specific event objectives Take a look at some of our Virtual Event Packages:

By adding a little something extra, or getting creative with the format of your on screen activity, whether through a conference, interactive activity or a Christmas party, we will deliver a very memorable experience, which goes some way to reflect the feeling of the live events that we are all missing at the moment.

Hybrid events combine a live or in-person event with a virtual or online component. In many ways, this is the best of both worlds and that’s why we love running them here at Story! Live streaming your event is the key if you’re looking to meet face to face with a specific audience but continue to capture attention online.

Hybrid events also provide several marketing opportunities, such as high-quality live content creation or access to valued data from the virtual aspects. Finally, with unlimited reach, hybrid events are a fantastic way to keep improving our green footprint whilst increasing your return on investment.

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